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Hertel Arms was re-founded in 2018. The original family company has its roots in the sixteen hundreds. In 1638 Hertel Arms was the main blacksmith for many European monarchies. The most known was the Habsburg monarchy.  With high quality and durability of armour and cold weapons Hertel Arms very quickly made a name for themselves.  


In early 2018, our founder decided after almost a decade of experience in arms trade, to re-establish a Arms Brokerage Firm that thrives on quality products. Hertel Arms is currently operating in Europe and North America, supplying Military, Law Enforcement and Public segments with firearms, ammunition and weapon components. Working along with highest quality and reliability brands that will always provide you with high quality equipment on battlefields or shooting competitions.  

We are looking forward to working with you. If you are inquiring about a product for local gun shops or bigger firearms retail stores, please visit Public Segment page. If you are inquiring about Law Enforcement & Military products or seeking support related to Government Solicitations, please visit our Military & Law Enforcement Page.


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Hertel Arms Team 

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